IEP's and IEP Meetings

A critical component of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act is the creation of an Individual Education Plan (IEP) for students who have qualified to receive special education services.

The IEP Document

An IEP is a legally binding written contract between the school and the student/parent. The IEP addresses the child’s diagnoses, present levels of performance, goals for the year, measurable benchmarks, accommodations and modifications and any necessary related services or therapies.

The IEP Meeting

Parents are vital members of the IEP team. Their knowledge and input are valuable in helping to create a workable plan for their child. Other members of an IEP team include, but are not limited to, school administration, special education teacher(s), general education teacher(s), and related services staff, school psychologist, and any other person(s) that the school or parents choose that will share special expertise or knowledge of the student. When appropriate, the student may also be asked to attend the meeting.


Using the Individual Education Plan, the IEP team strives to help the student meet their full potential.

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